Distilling Senses

It was the 5th annual flagship exhibition curated by Hong Kong Arts Centre. The new media artworks, presented by a group of Asian artist collective and eight Asian artists, explored the relationship between art and technology. The contemporary concern is no longer purely about the limits of technological advancement. The key issue should be a quest for the balance between technological development and humanities. The core design concept was inspired by the belief of a complementary relationship between art and technology. In order to break through the general, one-sided impression of technology, the designer renounced the use of digitized visuals and fluorescent colors. Through video, sound art, animation and digital installation, the exhibition was a journey sharpening one’s senses. By using gradient visual effects on a large scale, the designer created a feeling of distillation, suggesting that the deaden senses would be summoned and recalled in the journey of “Distilling Senses,” hence the subtle, coexisting relationship between art and technology. The colour scheme of black, white and silver worked in concert with the artworks, as the artists adopted considerable elements of light and shadow. The minimalist design suggests a possible way out of the disruption of overwhelming technology, reflecting upon the mutual relationship between art and technology.

Distilling Senses: A Journey through
Art and Technology in Asian Contemporary Art
Exhibition Identity / 2013
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